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YAY! Chevron Napkin Pattern!

If you’re like me, anything that has anything to do with the holidays gets me into the “making” spirit! :) Christmas music on commercials, people mentioning their “thankful’s” on Twitter, thinking about cutting down the Christmas tree, making plans for Thanksgiving and OF COURSE seeing the commercials for the newest Hallmark Christmas movies! :) So that’s just what I’ve been doing….dreaming of the 2012 holidays and making things! LOTS of things…finishing old projects and starting new ones. Making new patterns and altering semi-finished ones! :)

So here ya’ have it….a new napkin pattern! A SUPER easy and VERY festive way to spice up your holiday table decor!

I’m a HUGE fan of fabric napkins. We, as a small family of three, go through paper napkins like mad…using 1-2 for each person every meal. Maybe we’re a messy family, but it cuts down on SO MUCH waste and adds loads of color to your place setting! Download this free pattern and make loads of them for the holidays; for gifts or for yourself! Whether you’re serving the holiday meal or just bringing a dish to pass….people will LOVE them and they can be imagined in any color combination! I’m actually in the process of making some Christmas ones for our feast….these ones you see pictured have more of an “every day” or summer time color story! :)

ENJOY and, as alway, share photos with me if you make some yourself! :)

Chevron napkin fabric pattern, napkin pattern, emily steffen, chevron fabric patternChevron napkin fabric pattern, napkin pattern, emily steffen, chevron fabric pattern


4 Responses to YAY! Chevron Napkin Pattern!

  1. Kelly Siler says:

    so cute, Emily! hm, I might be making some of these for gifts this year. :)

  2. Stacy says:

    we use cloth napkins too!! i’m a sucker for them every time i see them in a store. i have like, 50 and we are only 2 people. haha

    they add specialness to every day. : )
    yours are gorgeous!! my aunt is a quilter. i will share this with her and ask for some for christmas : )

  3. jess says:

    oh boy, i CAN NOT wait to make like a bazillion of these for gifts for everyone i know :) :) :) BEST idea ever!!!

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