The Olsons

Nelsons-09-Sept-063.jpgProbably one of the cutest families in the neighborhood, The Olson family stole my heart last week with their little Cooper, who just turned one! Dusty and Lexie are downright fun parents that LOVE to play with Cooper and make him laugh until his belly hurts. We spent some time running around their backyard while Cooper kept exploring the ants, sand, sticks and fresh leaves that had fallen to the ground—he was mesmerized!

Cooper’s blue eyes and blond spiky hair are enough to steal anyone’s attention from across the room—and the best part is that he has 2 perfectly cute little teeth that are coming in front and center! They are sooooo adorable when he smiles to show off his new pearly whites AND dimples! *sigh* :)

Mommy and Daddy could get Cooper to laugh so much that I started giggling right along with him! :)
HANDS DOWN my favorite Mommy+me photos *EVER*! Lexie’s smile is the evidence of a mother’s love and you can almost hear Coopers giggle in these…melt my heart!
“ahhhheeem GUYS…can someone please help me get this TIE OFF!? It has been a tremendously long day at the office and I am done with it….”
Crack me up!
I *ADORE* the Olson’s and can not wait to see how, you, Mr. COOPER grow up to be quite the handsome, young little gent running around the neighborhood. Your family is gosh-darn awesome and I can’t get enough of ya’all! :)
  • September 25, 2009 - 11:33 pm

    Angie - My nephew Cooper is so darn cute and I don’t know how you could have made him even cuter…but you did, you are perfection!

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