The Olson family


One of my most favorite families is gracing the blog! :) THE OLSONS!!!!!

I have been photographing little Max every few months for over a year now and I feel like I should be eating Thanksgiving dinner with the Olsons because I know them so well! :) And man, do they have a fun and energetic family with their 3 boys! Reed, Jack and Max are near the bestest of friends….although Max does get yelled at every once and awhile for playing with the “big kid” toys, but they still have a genuine brotherly love for one another! What more can a Mom ask for right?!?!?


Mr. Grumpy Pants….

After a quick warm-up inside with the boys, I walked out to find Ang and Max singing ABC’s together in the field……I nearly teared up! :)
I *love* me some backlight!! (especially when the sun is THIS golden!)
Apparently the sword fighting with the grass got a little out of hand and polked Max in the eye. Whoops!
I love boys!
Olsons-087.jpgI wish that I was half as cool as the Olson family—seriously you guys are fun, energetic and down-right caring and genuine! I love the time I spend with you guys! :)
  • October 14, 2009 - 8:44 pm

    Ang - O Em- I have been sick for almost a week and these shots made me feel better immediately!!! I love the crying one, I love the oversmiling one of Reed, I LOVE the Golden sun rays swallowing up my family!!! I love your eye,,,,and miss you already!!! 18 months cannot come fast enough!!!!! Love ANg

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