Mothers love! :)

Those late night snuggles, little coos and adorable tiny fingers and toes! I remember those first few nights and days as a Momma….it was three years ago, but goodness I remember them well! I remember watching episodes of FRIENDS over and over during middle of the night feedings. I remember the sound of little snores when Zeke fell asleep in my arms before I wrapped him for his crib! :) And I remember rocking Zeke and watching the sun rise in a quite house with the summer breeze blowing through the window! Those first days were magical and scary and wonderful and full of love as I looked into those little boys eyes! :)

And my sister-in-law is going through her first days as a Momma right now! :) She gave birth to an INCREDIBLY gorgeous and perfect baby girl, Rosalie Coral a few weeks ago and we are all SO in love! :) And I LOVE being an auntie for the first time! :) Her tiny fingers and toes, her coos and her little chubby cheeks!

HAPPY first MOTHERS DAY Lanae, we love you oh so much and Rosie is one lucky baby girl to have you as a Momma! :)
And happy Mothers day to every other, amazing, selfless Mom out there! Sending extra hugs to all of you today! :)

And ps, isn’t this song just WONDERFUL!? :) It’s by one of my most favorite artists, JJ Heller! :)

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