December 27, 2014 : Miscellaneous, Personal work

tree day! :)

We never had a “real” tree growing up….in fact, my Mom ritually put up the fake tree while stringing lights in and out of the branches while White Christmas played in the background. Then I would help her put ornaments on the tree (and she ALWAYS made sure that we had equal amount of ornaments on the front and back side of the tree so that people could see the decorations as they drove up the driveway!) :) But the tradition that we started to go and cut down a real tree has been one of my FAVORITES ever. In fact, it’s on of my favorite days of the year and I practically spring out of bed the day that I know we are heading to the tree farm with an ear to ear smile on my face all day! :)

And this year was no different. Christmas tree day was awesome….and here’s a little glimpse into it! :) And I also SO love that the FredricksonsĀ and the GlicksĀ are in on this with us! :) In fact, we owe them major props for helping us with our GIANT tree this year (and a sarcastic hooray for Aaron’s tree picking out ability…oy)! :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS week friends!

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