Ann and Kevin chose to tie the knot last Friday with a temperature of 14 degrees and a windchill of zero! But Ann made her intentions clear as to why they choose this date…..her reason: so that on their anniversary Kevin can take her some place warm every year…I like her thinking :)

The day was perfect and the bride was all smiles and giggles. When looking through these images I am not sure that I have ever been to a wedding with so many different “faces” on the bride and groom. Their pictures capture their eye rolls, snickers, smurks and gut laughs which are an everyday part of Ann and Kevin’s love……kinda contagious if you ask me. I think that Katie and I got a good workout shooting these two because they were making us laugh behind camera quite a bit!

Their ceremony was held at the beautiful sanctuary at the United Methodist Church at Hamilne University and the reception was stunningly decorated with wreathes and individualized cakes at each table at the Hudson Golf club in Hudson.

And the fun started with Kevin when he first saw Ann…his face turned from sillyness to ‘WOW…you are stunning” (and she was if I might add)
I told you they made eachother laugh easily!

I told Kevin to grab Ann and wrap her up in his arms to warm her up…and this is what we get??!!?? Their lives are honestly better because I just know that each night they sit down and gut-wrenchingly laugh together….I just know it! :)
These little ones were singing a song to Ann and Kevin and Ann thought it was the funniest thing ever!
The Maid of Honor, Ally, was giving advice from some of her students and one of them was “Tell your wife she is pretty even if she looks like a truck….” (their reaction is HILARIOUS…)
The first time as Mr. and Mrs. Urbik….

We had an awesome and couldn’t have laughed harder with them….you guys ROCK! Thanks for such a fun time last Friday…
  • January 22, 2009 - 10:36 pm

    Sarah - These are beautiful, Emily. I love that church at Hamline! It was great to meet you yesterday!

So, although this session was about a month ago, I can’t help but show you because it was one of my favorite of the fall. The Frantas have three beautiful and stunning little kids and I get the privilege of seeing them quite often :) We decided to do their session around their home and on this super cool grassy hill near their house which was CHIIILY because the wind was terrible that day. I am impressed that you can’t tell much in the photos how FRIGID it was; no red or runny noses for us! :)

Buchannon was almost six months old already! Whew….time flies

This is probably one of my most favorite pictures ever…the look on Frankie’s face and the way she is looking at me is absolutely amazing.
(and of course Mr. Bear had to be with us in the picture-taking-fun to…..)
I fell in love with Nixon’s hat. I wish I had one of my own with those ear flaps :)
This one nearly made me cry when I saw it out of the camera :)
She loves her daddy so much…

This picture cracks me up…..I love that Nixon and Buchanon are the only ones looking at the camera! I would love to have this above my mantle :)
Off to find the most perfect tree to stand under. You can tell by the movement in Frankie’s arms that she has this one picked out :)
  • January 16, 2009 - 4:12 pm

    Tracy Henning-GraphiStudio - What a beautiful family!!

Last week during the cold spell (although some would argue that up here in St. Paul we always have a cold spell in the winter time) AJ, Michelle and I headed out to shoot their engagement session in downtown Rice Park. We even headed indoors for a few in the amazing Landmark Center right next to the park.

I am not sure that we could have had more fun together that Saturday morning! I can’t explain how excited I am for their big weekend wedding in Rochester in October of this year. They both have AMAZING smiles, as you can see, and are absolutely perfect on camera. I could tell right from the get-go that they were totally into each other and that it didn’t take much for AJ to make Michelle laugh, as you can see from some of the photos.

Stunning…just beautiful….can’t you see???

And they were so snugglie too—I guess when you are in love that is the only option to keep warm on these frigid Minnesota days! :)
AJ’s look at the camera in this one just gets me…
The Landmark center is not only beautiful but has some pretty amazing lighting that we had to use…and it was near some elevators, what could be better?
And then back outside for some more :)
Thanks for such a fun morning guys! I ABSOLUTELY can not wait for October 2nd and 3rd!

  • January 7, 2009 - 4:09 pm

    Avery - think I’m gonna become obsessed with your blog…. this couple is really adorable! You did a great job capturing them!

So, as I sit here relaxing with my hot cocoa in hand and trying to knit, I keep getting distracted. Do you ever just sit around on New Years and think back to what certain things made your year so great or special? Do you ever get nostalgic and try to pull up all of those moments that you want to remember forever and try to imprint them into your brain at that moment so that you can remember forever?

Well, call me sentimental or a thinker, but I do! And I couldn’t help but recall all the crazy and awesome brides, clients and friends that we have worked with through 2008 to make it such a year to remember.

So….here we have it folks….some of the fun that happened around here; the best, the funniest and just the things that you need to see over the course of being a wedding photographer!

One of the first weddings of the season just blew me away and one of the things that stands out in my mind the most is the entrance that Alex, the bride, had at the ceremony. Here we are standing in the back of the seated guests waiting for the shindig to begin and around the corner pulls the cutest, baby blue, old convertible with Alex gleaming in the front seat. I always say that I cry at weddings…but I definitely had a tear running down my face when I saw this…..(it was just so cool).

Libby, another bride from this year, pulled out the awesome-ness when she decided to transform her Grandma’s old wedding dress into a dress of her own for her wedding. She altered, re-arranged, and added a few things to make it “hers” but it was simply stunning on her…
Some of the best flowers that I have seen all season came from the one and only Ginger Floral Design. Melissa does an amazing job and we had the privelage of working with two brides this summer that had chosen her.
Devin and her Daddy had the best Daddy/daughter dance that I have ever seen…they laughed, cried and both of their faces were lit up the entire time they were on the dance floore together.
And you MUST see one of the most dramatic hats that I have ever seen on the cutest old lady at a wedding. I fell in love and wish I had one of my own…..only maybe in brown so that it matches my wedding attire.

Becky and Ryan take the cake for having the most creative get-away-vehicle. Their reception was at the Bayview Event Center which is located on a lake and Becky finageled a way to have a boat to take them across the lake so they could hop in their car and head for the honeymoon…such a great idea.
05-Bormann_DSC0301.jpgAnd who doesn’t want their pictures taken in a trainyard?? Well Jessie and Tony had some sentimental value in this idea because they have taken the train about a bazillion time back to her hometown in Willison, ND and we couldn’t have thought of a better place to capture some fun portraits on their big day….although the wind was a little gusty.
I about died when I saw these fake mustaches come out at Alex and Matt’s wedding this summer. There is a family tradition of having mustache parties so why the heck wouldn’t there be mustaches to celebrate their vows….not only did Alex and Matt have them, but the wedding party pulled them out, and then again when the Mom’s were giving their thank you speech at dinner they pulled out hundreds of them for every guest. It was hilarious!
Erika and Jeff had one of the best cake-toppers that I have seen…so I must share. They are not only in love with but thoroughly attached to their two beautiful pooches; a puggle and a yellow lab. As a suprise to Jeff, Erika had someone custom make an animated “family photo” of them in their wedding attire and the two dogs. It turned out great and Jeff even cried when he saw it…I am sure that it is proudly displayed in their home on their mantle next to a wedding photo.
And who wouldn’t want to have a couch at their wedding—especially a RED COUCH!?? It was a perfect modeling piece for some wedding portraits on Becky and Ryan’s day!
Sarah and Ted held their wedding at one of the most gorgeous venues around Minnesota. It is located in Hastings and is called the Little Log House–Pioneer Village. It is basically this plot of a large chunk of land that has many donated bulidings on the property—buildings dated back for many years that have been “renovated” in a way so that they can hold events on the property. There is a brand new reception hall down the road from the old old stone church where they exchanged vows….this little “village” is amazing and offered soooo many photo spots. I am so looking forward to the day that we can go back.
We did have quite the rock bank impersionation show up at Devin and Mark’s wedding—they are called THUPERGROUP and they are absolutely hilarious. They put on a pretty good show, as I am sure you can guess from their attire. They cover just about anything you can ask for and even came fully equipped with a belt buckle that flashed “congratulations Devin and Mark” all night long.
And this year also came with its fair share from Mother Nature. From downpours to snow blizzards; we had it all…

Who says just because it rains on your wedding day means you have to take boring pictures inside???

And the snow didn’t stop us either…
Happy New Year everyone!
We can’t wait to see you all again as the 2009 seasons come and go…

On one of the snowiest days yet this year I headed out with one my photog friends (BP Photo) to capture Brent and Tracy’s wedding as they exchanged vows on a blustery Saturday night in Minnesota. Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous and the nine inches of snow that fell didn’t stop their wedding or their party! Not only was Tracy, who is the most beautiful winter bride I might add, ready with her fur shall, Ugg boots and super cute gloves…but the wedding party was totally into it as well—we shot quite a few pictures outside with the glistening snow flakes falling in front of the lens which turned out just perfect!


Her little daughter Hayli was twirling and running around with sheer excitement for her Mommy all day…I guess I just happened to catch her sitting down for a few seconds.

Like I said they were troopers every time we asked them to go outside for a few…
Beau had this idea to go outside and steal the snowblower from the cute old man that was snowblowing the sidewalks for the wedding, and again, Tracy and Brent were all smiles to do it. From the look on Tracy’s face I think this may have been the first time she had ever laid hands on one of these things…
Tracy-Brent-Montage.jpgAnd her tearful Daddy as he gets ready to walk her down the isle.
They had met at Brines in downtown Stillwater so we had to stop their for a few shots before heading to The Grand for their reception….and who doesn’t love a kiss on the pool table??? :)

And off we go outside again…a quick walk down the street and then onto the middle of the street to stop traffic for a quick wedding party shot and we were D.U.N…done!
  • December 23, 2008 - 11:07 am

    April - Amazing moments captured so perfectly! Well, now I know when I get married someday who we’d use for our photographer! Great job!

  • December 23, 2008 - 11:14 am

    Tracy Henning - I’m SO excited to see all our pictures!! Thank you so much for posting pictures so quick! LOVE THEM!! You and Beau made our day!! Our whole wedding party loved you!

  • December 23, 2008 - 3:21 pm

    Erin Schmidt - WONDERFUL JOB! I was in the wedding party and you captured some very special moments so candidly. Way to make a beautiful Winter wedding even more magical!

  • January 20, 2009 - 3:15 pm

    Dane Miller - Wow, what a great wedding. You are beautiful in your gown and handsome husband. i won’t be complaining anymore when we have to shoot and it is cold outside. It is never that cold. LOL
    Great photography.Dane