SMALL STEPS to 2014! :)

Happy almost-2014 everyone!!!

Tis the season that we are putting away Christmas decorations and gifts received and thinking about what lies ahead. A NEW YEAR! :) Personally, I LOOOOOVE the week between Christmas and New Years. Family is in town, friends have time off, there are still Christmas movies on TV (well at least on the Hallmark Channel), there’s a bit of egg-nog still to be consumed and everyone moves at a slower pace all around. The hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and the anticipation of the new year has arrived. I just LOVE it! We plan. We think about goals and dreams and plot through ideas that we want to call a success in the new year. We make resolutions and identify the areas in our life that need a change! We’re introspective and willing to “call ourselves out” on how we can live our best lives. It’s an epidemic that SO many people take part in, including myself! :)

Although, if I’m being honest, I stink at being a “resolutions girl”….I love this time of the year, but I tend to NEVER follow through with the ideas that come during this time. (Anybody with me?) My goals are lofty, unrealistic and unfortunately far too difficult for me to make happen. (Although in college, I did resolve to watch every episode of the 10 seasons of FRIENDS and did so quite victoriously, so that was one resolution that got resolved! YAY, go me! :) But year after year, I get distracted. I don’t have a plan to make my resolutions happen, or more often, I simply forget. (Can I get an AMEN out there because I KNOW I’m not the only one?) January turns to February and my to-do list is the same as it’s always been year after year (ok, maybe not literally since having a toddler around)! :)

But what I’ve come to realize from the help of some friends and conversations is that SMALL STEPS OVER TIME is the key! :) Most of us believe that nothing good happens over night, right? And I hear my friend, Ms. Lara Casey, quote Beverly Sills often: “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going!” :) Let me say that again THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO ANY PLACE WORTH GOING! :) Friends, it’s small steps. Small steps over a long amount of time that induce change! :) No giant leaps or flashy promises. Everyday, small changes that, over time, become large promises and BIG changes! :)  If  I believe in my goals, then  I must learn to think farther than a few weeks in December when I’m in “the mood” to call myself out on living my best life.
It’s daily.
It’s every morning during my quiet time to focus on what God has placed before me.
Choosing that my goals or ideas are more important that the everyday routine of what-I’ve-always-done. Don’t worry, I still promise to change Zeke’s diaper and make dinner for my family as a part of my everyday routine…..I’m talking about the bigger picture. Those changes that I know will make me a kinder wife, more loving Mom, rest-filled business owner and graceful friend.

A small step of playing with Zeke for 15 more minutes before picking up my phone to gain Instagram gratification.
A small step of walking away from my computer and choosing to REST because I believe that I am a better human being when I’m not stressed! :)
A small step to call a KNITCH girl or make a lunch date on a busy summer week during wedding season because community is WAY more important than doing everything myself. And I TRUELY believe that we were meant to live life in community! :)
A small step to choose a long breath and kind word to Aaron when I’m ready to snap because I believe in patience for our marriage and rooting it in love and kindness! :)
A small step in boldly sharing my story more openly in everyday conversation because I can’t put a limit on how God wants to use it.

Just small steps, every day, will produce result that you want. Or maybe they’ll surprise you and produce something even better! But this New Year, let us not make flashy promises or “microwave goals”, as Lara Casey puts it, let’s make small changes that will produce LONG and LASTING results! :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends! :)

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  • December 31, 2013 - 11:10 am

    Cindy - :) Many many blessings to you, Aaron and Zeke in 2014!

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