A little + happy change in February! :)

Everyone happily stood around outside, gathered around Zeke, watching  as his eyes lit up every time he tore the wrapping off of the next birthday present we gave him. Tissue paper everywhere, boxes torn open and a few of the guys struggling to get the dang toys out of the manufacturer boxes (goodness, why are those things practically adult proof?). The sun was out, we had cake in our bellies and it was a relaxing Sunday of celebration for our new little THREE year old! :)

All the presents were opened and Zeke was looking around at his new treasures with the most gigantic smile on his face, he was loving life. Aaron picked him up….told him we had ONE last present for him. “….and in seven more months you will get to be a big brother!”  I saw my brother-in-law jumping up and down, my mother-in-law burst into tears and my little boy look at his Daddy with an even bigger smile on his face. He’s slowly wrapping his mind around the idea of what sharing his room and listening to a crying baby will look like, but gosh, we are quite excited! :)

YAY for celebrations and yay for changes in February! :)

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