summer watermelon pizza + yay! :)

The grill is going, the friends are showing up and then corn on the cob is being shucked! :) SUMMMMMMMMER time! :)  I have *the best* dessert idea for you for your next summer cook out : WATERMELON DESSERT PIZZAS! :)

Simply cut a watermelon in 1/2 and then cut 1-2 inch thick “rounds”. You can either decorate a whole “pizza” or cut them into triangles (like you see here) with the rhine as the “crust”. Homemade whipped cream as the “sauce” (with almond extract and powdered sugar for the perfect flavor), then decorate to your hearts content. Zeke has a BLAST decorating his with shaved coconut, blueberries, hot fudge, strawberries, mini chocolate chips, and white chocolate. YUM YUM YUM! :)

So good + so easy + so summery + so perfect for the kiddos! :) And perfect for those gluten free friends that need some sweets after dinner too! :)

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