January 23, 2013 : Engagements

Katie and James :: Northwoods winter engagement

We pulled up to our house to unload to start shooting in the snow….she popped open her trunk and I could just already see the images upon images racing through my brain as my creativity just exploded with excitement! :) From their outfit choices to their adorable winter-firepit-pancakes, my time with James and Katie was AMAZING (and for the record, fire pit pancakes are SO SO SO DELISH everyone)! :) And the best part….this whole thing was totally THEM! :) Full of personality, full of style, with attention to detail, outside and cooking together….100% and totally THEM! I kept imagining a scene with Katie and James old and grey (and still gorgeous) showing their grandkids and kids the book of these winter photos…..showing off their stylish and amazing time as they began their new journey as MR and MRS together…maybe even with a hot cup of cocoa in hand! :)

Katie-and-James-engagement-035Katie-and-James-engagement-067 Katie-and-James-engagement-100Winter engagement, Emily Steffen, Winter engagement photography, wisconsin wedding photographer, wisconsin film weddingKatie-and-James-engagement-106Katie-and-James-engagement-walkingKatie-and-James-engagement-051Katie-and-James-engagement-112Katie-and-James-engagement-bw-houseKatie-and-James-engagement-137Katie-and-James-engagement-hug-sunKatie-and-James-engagement-146Katie-and-James-engagement-branchKatie-and-James-syrupKatie-and-James-engagement-102Katie-and-James-pancakesKatie-and-James-engagement-166


4 Responses to Katie and James :: Northwoods winter engagement

  1. Laurelyn says:

    LOVE this Emily!!! So beautiful and I feel like as if I’m getting to know this couple just by looking at their images! :)

  2. Rachel says:

    Beautiful!!!! Love all of it! Wonderful job once again Miss Emily! :)

  3. Liz says:

    PLEASE tel me they need a wedding planner!?!
    SO CUTE! xoxo

  4. Lucy Taylor says:

    I adore this Emily! The maple syrup is PERFECT!

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