HELLO! :) And YAY! :) I’m Emily!

I’m mom to Ezekiel, wife to Aaron, friend to some and encourager to many others! :) I am a believer and a dreamer. I am an entrepreneur at heart and one-hundred-percent believe in living a life that fills your cup…so I’ve set out to do just that by making beautiful photographs and designing wedding textiles!

I believe in the power of love. I believe when you feel loved you are on top of the world. You’re confident and excited about life; you just know that you can change the world. So I make it my mission to show how much you LOVE and are LOVED! :) Both through photos AND in person!! :)

I believe that smiling should be practiced every day, even with complete strangers; because hey – maybe my choice to smile will change someone’s day. I believe in going on adventures with the ones you love; it opens my heart and brings clarity. I believe that it’s never too late to apologize or ask forgiveness, especially with my husband and son. And I believe that community is essential to my well being because life isn’t meant to be lived alone! :)

I love my church, my family, growing vegetables, my sewing machine and a good glass of wine with my friends. I don’t think I’ll ever own too many scarves and I know the Packers deserve a loud basement-style cheering section on Sunday afternoons in the fall. I think ice cream is a necessity at any time of the day and breakfast for any meal is a good choice! :) I love taking our pugs for a walk to breath in the fresh midwestern air. I cherish our family dinners, desire good boundaries, fight for my ME time and am learning to art of not hitting my snooze button.

Contact me here, I’d would just LOVE to talk about your wedding plans or have an almond latte together! :) YAY! :)