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A Military kind of love! :)

You’ve heard me brag about Kate 97 million times on this blog already, but this week was something awesome forView full post »

2 girls on an adventure!

My absence around my blog last week hasn’t been in vain, I PROMISE! :) I have mucho events and surprises up myView full post »

Mr and Mrs Owl!

It was one of those days……we’ve all had them… computer wasn’t working right, my cellView full post »

modern and rustic!

I got an e-mail, asking, if I’d like to teach a few intro classes at the ever so fabulous Minneapolis PhotoView full post »


It was Saturday and I was up way earlier than I needed to be! :) I hoped in my car and drove to our meeting spot; IView full post »

Kodachrome film!

Kodak stopped making Kodachrome film about 2 years ago, so when Aaron’s uncle Don offered his last roll to me toView full post »

cheers to…

…drinking wine with your girl friends. …laughing so hard that wine comes out your nose. …eatingView full post »

my visual year!

I sat here, pressing the arrow key, listening to my favorite Pandora station with a permanent smile on my face.View full post »

wake up!

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up!” Thanks to the fabulous and ever-inspiringView full post »

little gwen in polaroids!

While I was in Mexico Aaron bought the cutest, littlest black pug on the planet. And he named her Gweneth MargaretView full post »

mexico in film :)

Film is one of those nostalgic things for me. I just love the process of it! Finding the “right” shot,View full post »

jose villa workshop : part 2

If you haven’t already understood from my other blogs posts, how much I LOOOOOOVE Jose Villa‘s workshop,View full post »

jose villa workshop : part one

From the sounds of the mariachi band as they walked out from behind the building on Sunday night I KNEW that thisView full post »

and then it snowed!

I just came back from what was probably one of the most life-changing 10 days of my life! :) I attended the fantasticView full post »

sheer excitement! :) :) :)

I write this as I am leaving on a jet plane for a whole 10 days for Mexico! :) A country I have never visited butView full post »

my mom, the picnic table!

Seeing that Halloween is this weekend I thought I would bring you up to speed on my childhood Halloween adventures! :)View full post »

right where I belong! :)

The sun was setting through the trees and I could see the rainbow lit sky out of the corner of my eye through the giantView full post »

nonpareil magazine :: issue #6

If you are planning any sort of event, Nonpareil magazine has TONS of DIY projects, tips, tricks and fabulous ideasView full post »

leonard and geraldine

They are best friends! :) In their stuffed toy world, I imagine that they go everywhere together, hold handsView full post »

choosing to cheat

The day I heard about this idea is the day it changed my life. The ever so fabulous Andy Stanley was speaking aboutView full post »

my 7 year old dream! :)

The credits rolled through on the screen as I danced around the room singing (off pitch of course) the theme song toView full post »

the farm.

This weekend I got stranded at Aaron’s Grandpa’s farm after getting monsooing rains right before anView full post »

the importance of doing nothing! :)

Call us unadventurous or crazy, but Aaron and I have found the glory is being lazy and doing nothing on vacation. IView full post »

My first…….

…..printed published wedding!!! EEEKKKKKK! :) YAY YAY YAY! :) High fives to the fabulous WISCONSIN BRIDE forView full post »