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Amy Butler Sexy Hexy quilt pattern, Emily Steffen Textiles, Midwest quilt, Midwest quilt pattern, Easy quilt pattern

It takes a baby….

…to make sure those things that have been hovering on your to-do list for over 6 months ACTUALLY get accomplishedView full post »

Debbie Bliss dufflcoat pattern, Emily Steffen, Emily steffen textiles, knitting

The birth day.

28 years ago my Mom and dad became parents. I don’t know how this happened (ok, well I do…..but you get theView full post »

Holga plush camera, Kodak brownie plush camera, toy camera, emily steffen textiles, camera plushies

Brownie + Holga…renewed inspiration! :)

Last weekend I was in sunny Palm Springs surrounded my 20 fabulous ladies at the Heather Ross Sewing workshop (if youView full post »

Heather Ross workshop, Emily Steffen textiles, Anna Maria Horner, Gretchen Hirsch, Denyse Schmidt, Palm Springs workshop

Relaxation meets inspiration :: Heather Ross Sewing workshop! :)

As I sat on the plane yesterday on my way home, I just took a deep breathe and felt full (and not because my belly isView full post »

2011 images, midwest wedding photographer, midwest film photographer, midwest weddings, Emily Steffen, Emily Steffen photography

2011 has been…

…a year for AMAZING brides in beautiful dresses with touching vows! …a year to be reminded over and overView full post »

Baby Steffen, Emily Steffen, Aaron Steffen

Oh ya, one more change…

It was one of those things we always wanted to happen, it just wasn’t in (what we thought) was our plan was YET! IView full post »

A new, little, adventure for me! :) It’s always been in me!  I see things in a store and almost immediately go “ohh, I can makeView full post »

Susan G Komen 3day walk, 3day walk, Arizona 3day walk, Emily Steffen, Breast Cancer 3day walk, susan g women

Our Arizona 3-day experience! :)

It’s one of those experiences that just leaves you feeling warm and accomplished! This weekend, we raised overView full post »

knitting weekend, Emily Steffen, Emily Steffen patterns, Emily Steffen crafts, Emily STeffen textiles

Our annual weekend!

Last Thursday I found myself scrambling around….answering emails, letting in the bathroom remodelers, packing,View full post »

pug, pug turns one, Gweneth Margaret, Gwen the pug

Today she turns ONE!

Our little Gwen turns ONE year today! :) Although you may remember the giant shindig that we threw for pug’s 10thView full post »

Oahu destination wedding, Hawaii photography, Oahu photography

And that shave ice!!! :) YUM!

Hands down, my most favorite place I have EVER visited! :) The sun, the shave ice (which could be meal after meal! :),View full post »

Hawaiian destination wedding, destination wedding photographer, film destination wedding, Hawaii destination wedding

HAWAIIAN destination wedding:: out of the office!

My excitement for our trip….. Aaron and I are all packed and ready to go! :) We are getting on a jet plane andView full post »

Emily Steffen Photography, Midwest wedding photographer, Midwest wedding photography, Emily Steffen Photography, film wedding photographer, film wedding

Meet my Katie!

Well….she isn’t actually MY Katie, but she is 100% my right hand woman at weddings! :) You’ll see herView full post »

Wisconsin Bride party, Wisconsin Bride best of awards, Emily Steffen, Emily Steffen Photography, Wisconsin wedding photographer

Wisconsin Bride Awards!!!! :)

We all piled into the car for the five hour trip across state to Milwuakee, Wisconsin for the ever-anticipatedView full post »

My storytelling! :)

Lately I have been overtaken by the constant chatter in the wedding industry about being bigger and better (whateverView full post »

pug birthday party, puppy birthday party, Edward the pug, pugs, Emily Steffen, Hudson WIsconsin photographer

A whole human DECADE!

He sat there snoring on my lap; loud snores with big breaths in between…he was dreaming about something great, IView full post »

Amy Butler Tunic, Anna Maria Horner fabric, Little folks fabric, Emily Steffen, Midwest wedding photographer

A tunic kind of Easter! :)

So, I just finished this fabulous (well, I think it’s fabulous) tunic! YAY! :) Embarrassingly enough, I have hadView full post »

Fine art film photographer, midwest wedding photographer, Emily Steffen, social media

What I’ve got! :)

“It’s not having what you want….it’s wanting what you’ve got!” -Sheryl Crow I haveView full post »

Volkswagen VW Bus, Emily Steffen, Fine art film photographer, Wisconsin wedding photographer

My future cruise-mobile!

I came to a screetching hault in the middle of the road when I saw it! I was driving the roads of Cali going south toView full post »

Destination wedding photographer, Emily Steffen, California photographer, trip to California, fine art film photographer

California! :)

I got off the shuttle and headed inside the rental car agency! It was 11pm in California, which meant it was 1am backView full post »

Foggy day, Emily Steffen, film wedding photographer, wisconsin wedding photography

the morning fog!

“Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great” -Mark Twain I’ve had someView full post »

Come on over!

My process goes like this: I get an e-mail from a fabulous new client, we chat over the phone about their wedding andView full post »

Dear Ms. Lara Casey:

Last Wednesday, we sat in a room, filled with 30 other women (and one guy) as you asked us about our fears, abilitiesView full post »

To Vegas baby……

I’m ditching this weather and off to Vegas for the week! In the words of one of my favorites bands, TheView full post »