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Olympic DIYs + party ideas + my top 5! YAY! :)

If you know ANYTHING about me, you know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE (like LOVE with a capital “L”) theView full post »

Christmas Tree day 2017 | AKA: fave day of the YEAR! :)

I know, I know………you haven’t seen a blog update since my kids dressed in their ClaussenView full post »

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My little pickle + her pickle jar | HALLOWEEN 2017!

You may remember from previous years, just how important Halloween is to me! :) (remember Zeke as a little pear???) AndView full post »

A little + happy change in February! :)

Everyone happily stood around outside, gathered around Zeke, watching  as his eyes lit up every time he tore theView full post »

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An island, a birthday and leaving technology!

So I turned 30 in March! And we decided to celebrate on an island in the Carribbean, St. John! Have you been? It wasView full post »

Balancing the whole :: FIND 2.0

Aaron and I went to Maine in October….we spent 4-5 days exploring the coast, eating too much lobster and relaxing awayView full post »

Changes + Maine in the fall! :)

You may notice some changes around my blog today! HOORAY! A huge shout to the talented Zoe and Chris for being soView full post »

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SMALL STEPS to 2014! :)

Happy almost-2014 everyone!!! Tis the season that we are putting away Christmas decorations and gifts received andView full post »

Christmastide! :)

We tend to celebrate the whole week of Christmas around here…extra time in the pajamas, eating with friends and familyView full post »

Community thankfulness…my KNITCH! :)

Because we knit together. Because we share our stories of baby-meltdowns, mommy-meltdowns, and husband-meltdownsView full post »

A little boys best pug friend!

Ya know, when we had to put pug down in June, our hearts were broken. We didn’t think that anything or ANY pugView full post »

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The FALL 2103 wedding product line! :)

I am more excited about this line of new wedding details than I EVER have been before! :) Why? Because I’veView full post »

As the sun comes up…

The house is quiet and typically the windows are open as the cooler morning breeze sweeps through the house. With GwenView full post »

A pug shaped hole :(

It’s a sad day around here! :( Today we had to put down our trusty, old-man, snorting, snoring wonderful pugView full post »

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MN BRIDE + WI BRIDE features! :)

Alright….I know, I know……blog posts have been scarce the past few weeks (or ahem…….nonView full post »

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2013 spring wedding textile line! YAY!

WAHOOO! :) It’s here, it’s here…….I’m finally able to announce what many hours ofView full post »

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It’s birthday week! YAY! :)

I’ve always been excited about color and imagery…..for me, it’s not only photographs and beautifulView full post »

Parenting, Ezekiel, Snow, winter in wisconsin, baby first snow

Our little (snowy) world…

Dear baby Zeke! :) One of the thing that I LOVE about being your Mommy, and never expected to, is being able toView full post »

Winter engagement session, snowy engagement session, Wisconsin engagement session, emily steffen

A special (snowy) relationship! :)

She plowed through the door with eagerness and umph…..I was JUST as excited to see her as she was to see me! :)View full post »

Emily Steffen, Winter wedding photographer, winter engagement photographer, midwest wedding photographer

Goodbye snow! :)

So….we’re off…….boarding a plane later this afternoon to sunny Mexico for Jeanne andView full post »

Pear costume, Pear Halloween costume, baby halloween costume, Emily steffen textiles

My little Pear! :)

The minute I found out I was pregnant I started contemplating traditions (well….maybe not the EXACT minute,View full post »

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June 9th, 2012! :)

It was an amazing Saturday for the Steffen family! It was the day that Ezekiel Aaron Steffen entered the world! It wasView full post »

Wisconsin Bride Best of 2012 Party, Emily Steffen, Emily Steffen Photography

A moment that will last ages! :)

I laid in our hotel room…staring at the ugly “hotel art” hanging on the wall as our room got darkerView full post »

Meet Ezekiel….

….Mr. Ezekiel Aaron Steffen to be exact! :) If you have been a faithful blog follower, you’ve noticed thatView full post »