HELLO! And YAY! :) I’m Emily!

ME-001-023I am a believer and a dreamer. I am a photographer and maker. I am an entrepreneur at heart and one-hundred-percent believe in living a life that fills your cup…so I’ve set out to do just that by making beautiful photographs and designing happy wedding details!

I believe in the power of love. I believe when you feel loved you are on top of the world. You’re confident and excited about life; it’s a world-changing feeling. So I make it my mission to show how much you LOVE and are LOVED! :) Both through photos AND in person!! :)

My photography philosophy is simple: I want you to fall in love with your wedding photos. I want them to remind you of your love, I want them to put a HUGE smile on your face and I want them to radiate happiness when you put them on your walls.

I believe that smiling should be practiced every day, even with complete strangers. I believe that the more color in my life, the better! :) I believe in going on adventures with the ones you love; it opens my heart and brings clarity. I believe that it’s never too late to apologize or ask forgiveness, especially with my husband and son. And I believe that community is essential to my well being because life isn’t meant to be lived alone! :)

I love my family, my church, growing vegetables, my sewing machine and a good glass of wine with my friends. I don’t think I’ll ever own too many scarves and I know the Packers deserve a loud basement-style cheering section on Sunday afternoons in the fall. I think ice cream is a necessity at any time of the day and breakfast for any meal is a good choice! :) I love taking our pugs for a walk to breath in the fresh midwestern air. I cherish our family dinners, desire good boundaries, fight for my ME time and am learning to art of not hitting my snooze button.

I love meeting new people that find joy to be had in everyday life! :) So call or email me, I can’t wait to learn about your wedding or your new idea.

Annnnnnd if you are looking for awesome and happy items or ideas, follow along at oh yay studio! :)