Monthly Archives: December 2009

Best of 2009…weddings!

Since tonight many of us will be popping the bubblie, wearing sparkly party hats and kissing someone at the officialView full post »

Pugs holiday hat.

I know….I know….many of you will gag and become just repulsed that I am “THAT GIRL” thatView full post »

Walking in a winter wonderland!

The news has been calling it SNOMAGEDDON 2009……but I call it awesome! I woke to a fresh 6 inch blanket ofView full post »

Krystle + Brian!

Two of the raddest and most fun-loving people are right here folks…Krystle and Brian! They are in love andView full post »

Scott and Carly!

The morning after the biggest snow storm since last year Carly and Scott decided to brave the -25 degree weather toView full post »

On a blustry winter day…

….I made cookies with the Fredricksons! Nora is turning 2 around Christmas time so we decided that makingView full post »

meet Abram…

From the moment I met this little man his slate blue baby eyes captivated me from the get-go! :) At only 10 days oldView full post »

oooo…girls just wanna have fun…

A girls weekend full of games, surprises, wine and a photo shoot…I AM SO IN! :) I got an e-mail from KateView full post »

baby Graiden…

Mr. Graiden is only 7 days old and was alert the ENTIRE time we were taking photos! He is tiny, Oh-so cute and neverView full post »